Washington County Texas A.R.E.S.

(Amateur Radio Emergency Services)

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West Gulf Division / South Texas Section / District 5


The Washington County Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®), serves Washington County, Texas, and provides mutual aid to other ARES® groups in surrounding counties. Our mission is to provide dedicated volunteer federally licensed amateur radio operators to governmental, non-governmental and community agencies during times of emergency and disasters, thereby increasing safety for and expediting the recovery process of the affected agencies and communities.

Washington County ARES members come from diverse backgrounds and occupations, but all have in common an enjoyment of Amateur Radio and a desire to provide Community Service. Many of our members participate with area local clubs like the Washington County Amateur Radio ClubGrimes County Amateur Radio Group, Stephen F. Austin Radio Club, Bryan Amateur Radio Club, Texas A&M University Amateur Radio Club, and national organizations like the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®), the National Weather Service’s SkyWarn program, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) and Military Amateur Radio Services (MARS).

In addition to the groups local and linked Amateur operated repeater systems, emergency Amateur Radio communications equipment is maintained at Prairie Hill/Rocky Hill Volunteer Fire Department, the Downtown Brenham Fire Department Station 1, Washington County EMS building and Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Brenham, for our authorized use during times of emergency.  We interface with agencies such as the Brenham Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Brenham Fire Department, Washington County EMS, and the Brenham Red Cross, just to name a few.

This site is mainly to transmit information to members and other amateur radio operators.

Local Weather RADAR Map    N5MBM Weather Station    Washington County Weather forecast   

Texas Real-Time Lightning Map    Hurricane and Tropical Cyclone Map    Washington County Seismometer

TX DOT Road Conditions    Washington County Traffic and Road Conditions    Brazos River Status    Brenham Emergency Management

Lake Sommerville level status    Brenham Area Evacuation Route Map    Bluebonnet Outage Map    Entergy Outage Map    TXDOT Evacuation Map

USGS TX Water Dashboard    SETX RADAR Scope


In cooperation with - VoIPwx.net    Hurricane Watch Net    Red Cross Safe and Well

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey info    Our response to Harvey

^^^^  Listen to the N5MBM ARES nodes with a 20 second delay  ^^^^

The purpose of The Washington County A.R.E.S. is to:

  1. Provide Emergency Communications for the Community.
  2. Promote Amateur Radio in the Community.
  3. Provide Public Service to the Community.
  4. Promote fellowship between local and NON-local Amateur Radio Operators.
  5. Build, maintain and expand a network of freely accessable ham radio 2-way radio repeaters that have global reach.

Come join in the fun!

Internet linked 2-way ham radio emergency communication repeaters courtesy of  The Texas Repeater Network

Our network is open to all ham operators on the AllStarLink and EchoLink networks.  We welcome you to connect up and join the conversation. 

Please connect to our HUB on AllStarLink 45634

Click on the image below to see a real time map of the repeaters currently online with our supporters The Texas Repeater Network.

Map of repeaters in real time 

Click here to see the system in operation - when people key up, you will see the different nodes light up in different colors.

Regularly connected to the following communities:


Chappell Hill, TX. - 2 meters - 145.150 tx 144.55 rx with a tone of 103.5 - AllStar Node 42414Operational

Independence, TX - 2 meters - 145.250 tx 144.65 rx with a tone of 103.5 - AllStar Node 46899Operational

Chappell Hill, TX. -  1.25 meters - 224.900 tx 223.300 rx with a tone of 103.5 -AllStar Node 42471 - Operational

Daniels, TX - 70 cm - 441.300 tx 446.300 rx with a tone of 103.5 -AllStar Node 43035 - Operational

KF5ZRT Brenham, TX - 70 cm - 441.325 tx 446.325 rx with a tone of 103.5 -AllStar Node 46884 - Operational

K5FLM  Hempstead, TX - 70 cm - 441.350 tx 446.350 rx with a tone of 110.9 -AllStar Node 46898 - Operational

Channelview, TX.70 cm - 441.575 tx  446.575 rx with a tone of 110.9 - AllStar Node ****** - Under Construction

Chappell Hill, TX.70 cm - 441.625 tx  446.625 rx with a tone of 103.5 - AllStar Node 42466 - Operational

Bear Creek-Houston, TX. 70 cm - 441.625 tx  446.625 rx with a tone of 110.9 - AllStar Node ***** - Under Construction

BNB Brenham, TX - 70cm - 441.650 tx  446.650 rx with a tone of 110.9  - AllStar Node 45441 -   Under Construction

KF5KXL Industry, TX - 70 cm - 441.675 tx 446.675 rx with a tone of 103.5 -AllStar Node 45442 - Operational

Independence, TX - 70 cm - 441.850 tx 446.850 rx with a tone of 123.0 -AllStar Node 45643 - Operational

KG5JRA  Navasota, Tx  -  70 cm  -  441.875 tx  446.875 rx  With a tone of 110.9  - AllStar Node 46901 - Under Construction

Kruse Village, Brenham, TX - 70 cm - 441.925 tx 446.925 rx with a tone of 123.0 -AllStar Node 45443 - Operational

Chappell Hill, TX.33 cm - 927.150 tx 902.150 rx with a tone of 103.5 - AllStar Node 42817Operational

Chappell Hill, TX.23cm  - 1287.100 tx 1275.100 rx with a tone of 103.5 - AllStar Node 45645Under Construction

Other Texas Repeaters and Networks     LoneStarLinkSystem.org    SouthTexasLinkSystem.com     SaltGrass   

We do have a few rules and guidlines for using the linked repeater system.  Please look them over by clicking here.

For the duration of local weather emergencies we will be connected to the hurricane net, weather nets, spotter nets, etc. to facilitate emergency communications into and out of the affected areas.


Updated 01/27/2018

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